OG consulting and training company conducts corporate trainings and implements comprehensive programs for the assessment, training and development of personnel in small, medium and large businesses. We ourselves are "people from business" - we went our way from ordinary employees to managers, working in various industries. We are well aware of the difficulties that you, dear Customers, talk about at meetings, and we know how to solve them. In our work, our company is guided by the postulate "Your result is our reputation in the market!" We take on projects of varying complexity and scale because we have the expertise and skills and are 100% sure of the result.

Our principles of work:

Decency and honesty

We take on projects in which we are really strong, we are practitioners and have successful experience. Our mutual goal is success of Your business.

Responsibility and reliability

We abide by all agreements and keep the promises given to the Customer. We are responsible for this with our reputation and the trust of our Customers.

Quality and results

We guarantee the quality of the services provided. The Client's result is our result. We delve into every detail and treat the tasks of our Clients as our own.

Development and progress

We take with interest any new experience, intelligently introduce new technologies into our activities, our reference point is the future.

The main thing is not the strategy itself, but the people who implement it in your business.


Our mission

Our mission is to propose a strategy that will increase the efficiency of personnel, qualitatively improve the production environment, and stimulate the organization's business processes, its growth and competitiveness. Realizing a high degree of responsibility for results, we systematically approach our professional development at the international level, which allows our client companies to successfully achieve strategic business development goals.

Our main advantages

1. Individual solutions for the Customer.

2. Focus on the customer's result.

3. Practical orientation of trainings. The ratio of theory and practice is 30% to 70%. Cases and practical tasks are based on real situations from the business.

4. Joint search for solutions. In the training, we not only give applied tools, we involve the participants in the search for new unique solutions.

We provide professional development services based on the international experience:

1Business development strategy

A business development strategy describes the process how you will use to accomplish growth and profitability with due of identify and acquiring new customers and all business opportunities.

2Business consulting

Business today is more at risk of disruption than ever before. Over time, managers of many companies begin to notice that the business stops developing or that the results of work in the market are deteriorating. Business consulting involves a deep analysis of the company's work and the identification of the causes of the problems that have arisen.

3Crisis management

Anti-crisis management is an event aimed at improving the financial position of a company and taking it out of a crisis state. In the process of anti-crisis management, the analysis of existing problems is carried out, scenarios for the development of events are predicted, and effective programs are developed to neutralize the crisis influence.

4Leadership concept

Leadership concept refers to factors that leaders consider when applying a leadership style and overseeing a team of individuals. Additionally, leadership concepts help professionals understand what kind of skills and character traits to develop in order to advance in leadership roles.

5Strategy how to bypass competitors

Traditional competition vs Non-traditional. How to bypass and defeat competitors in modern conditions and what strategy to choose.

We create space for new opportunities, increased efficiency, gaining knowledge and achieving high results!